Comment Policy

Comment Policy

June 14, 2011


Comments are appreciated and discussion – even among people who disagree with me – is welcome. Before you start commenting, however, there are a few things you need to understand. All comments on this blog are moderated. The admin reserves the right to delete or remove comments for any reason. While all comments are approved on a case by case basis (and in all likelihood, your comment will be approved), the following types of comments will definitely not be approved:

  1. Spam.
  2. Comments that don’t contribute to the discussion in any meaningful way.
  3. Comments that promote your blog or website in an excessive way (translation: it’s fine to put the URL to your blog in the URL field and even link to specific blog posts in the body of your comment, but a comment that says something along the lines of “nice post! Come check out my blog!” won’t et approved. I find comments like this annoying.)
  4. Comments that reiterate something that’s already been said, either in the body of the post or in a previous comment (please try to at least skim the post and the previous comments).
  5. Anonymous comments. Pseudonyms are fine. 1
  6. Comments that don’t have a real Email address. A real Email address is required to comment here; it will only be visible to myself and any other moderators I may bring on.
  7. Comments that make no sense.
  8. Comments that are sexist, racist, display some other form of -ism, and/or comments that are abusive to either the blog poster or other commenters (trolling). The admin reserves the right to decide what falls into this category.

While the following won’t necessarily cause your comment to be deleted, I will probably edit comments that:

  1. Make use of unnecessary abbreviations such as b/c. This isn’t twitter, there’s no character limit to your comments and thus no need for the abbreviations.
  2. I’m neither the best speller nor perfect with my grammar. However, if I notice your comment is riddled with spelling or grammatical errors, I’ll try to fix it.


  1. I just ask that you pick one pseudonym and stick with it when commenting here; it helps with consistency.

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