June 14, 2011


The Blog

Bibliogrrrl was started in June 2011 by me, Joss Arden. Impressed by the awesome book blogs out there, I decided that I too wanted to blog about books. Mostly, I started Bibliogrrrl because it seemed like book blogging was what the cool kids were doing. Bibliogrrrl hopes to discuss books, reading, libraries, and related subject matter from a feminist (whatever that means) perspective.

The Books

The scope of Bibliogrrrl isn’t limited to any single genre of book. I read mainly YA fiction and non-fiction that deals with feminism in some way, shape or form. If you think those sound like pretty random types of books that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, I’d generally agree with you. But I read lots of different types of books and didn’t want to feel limited for the sake of this blog. And it’s also worth noting that YA and feminism don’t make up the entirety of the books covered here; they’re just my main interests. I will say that I tend to be drawn to books by female authors and novels with female protagonists, but I’m not necessarily limiting myself in those areas either. Basically, I’m here to talk about anything and everything I read, even if the genres/reading levels/whatever are unrealted. For right now, the focus will be on books that are already in print; no ARC or review copies will be accepted at this time. Assume that the books discussed here were either bought or borrowed, and don’t be surprised to see books that have been in print for some time.

The Blogger

For full disclosure, Joss Arden is a pseudonym. It’s the name I like to be referred to for blogging purposes. I’m in late 20s and was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I hold a BA in history and hope to pursue a career unrelated to history. Besides reading and blogging, I enjoy knitting, crocheting, sleeping, theatre, and cold weather. I also blog at onblogway (a theatre blog) and occasionally at my personal blog about various topics.


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